I was a counselling psychologist for more than 20 years before I added on coaching – a passion – to my qualifications. I made the break into psychology earlier after a career as a community health nurse/health educator, working in a community health centre. The combination of my own life experiences plus my background in medical and psychological work is especially useful in understanding the many situations and conditions facing people in life.

I also understand what it’s like to raise small children, cope with housework, attend university and have a part-time job. Multi-tasking was a daily necessity!

Perhaps you are in a similar situation right now? Hopefully when you read my e-book “Not Good Enough – to Great” you can read between the lines and benefit from the approach I’ve developed through what I’ve learned in life, through my struggles and mistakes. I’ve presented this in easy to follow steps to help you put the information into practice.If you find my e-books or articles helpful, then putting the material into practice could change your life as it did mine.

Of course reading the contents of a book or watching a DVD is not enough to bring about change. Action is the thing that will make the difference for you. I hope you’ll find enough there that will motivate, inspire and move you forward to change your life for the better.Sometimes we believe we can’t reach desired goals in life when all we need is the knowledge, skills and guidance, plus some discipline and work. That brings the confidence we need to push on. The fact that you’re reading this now says you’ve been searching for a solution for something problematic in your life. I hope you find inspiration and practical help in my books to spur you on towards your goals.

Remember, if I can do these things, then you can too. Persistence will get you where you want to go. Don’t give up, but seize the opportunity to acquire the skills, the knowledge and the guidance that will bring the confidence you need.

If you have phobias about riding in planes, elevators, or confronting spiders, please read the descriptions about treating these yourself with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which is easily learned, and very effective in a very short time.

I learned these techniques more than 16 years ago. I have taught hundreds of clients and can vouch for EFT’s effectiveness. The techniques are simple and based on the Meridian System as used by acupuncture therapists – but no needles, just simply tapping on the Meridian points.

I am still registered as a psychologist, but now work mostly in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Coaching, both of which can be done by telephone.

Because I’m passionate about personal development, especially for women, I find it exciting to write, and reach many more women to help them develop confidence and self-esteem.

There are many paths to self-esteem and confidence, beginning with self-awareness, and my E-Book Not Good Enough To Great! will help you understand how you can overcome any obstacles to confidence.

You can buy this book in sections if you wish. Read the descriptions of the contents of each section and pick out what seems to be most relevant to you. The descriptions are found by clicking on SELF-HELP BOOKS View details here.

With all good wishes,


Kathleen Crawford B.App. Sci., B.A., Post Grad. Dip. In Counselling Psychology, M.A.