Kathleen Crawford is a Personal Development coach who also practises and coaches in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), an energy therapy. Previously a community health nurse practitioner, she specialised in health education and women’s health for 20 years. Kathleen is passionate about preventive medicine, and the need to live a healthy life.

Later she practised as a counselling psychologist in private practice for 18 years, adding EFT, a technique she has found highly effective in conditions including trauma. Kathleen takes a solution-focused approach to practice and is a strong advocate of maintaining a healthy mind and body. She constantly updates her knowledge on the latest developments in health and well-being.

More recently Kathleen has taken her work online, posting many articles on health, wellness and coaching, and authoring e-books on phobias and personal development. She has also branched out into internet marketing. Kathleen is a keen gardener who enjoys spending time with her family.

(Qualifications: B. App. Science, M.A.)