The failure cycle usually begins with enthusiasm, we get excited about a new project.

Then your enthusiasm and motivation may seem to fizz. Reasons for this can be:

  • That you have chosen the wrong goal for yourself.
  • You lack direction – in other words your goal is not clear enough (or it’s not your goal!).
  • You may not be organised enough and lack good planning.
  • You get disillusioned with progress (non achievement) and think that things.
  • Should be going better than they are (caused by your low frustration tolerance).
  • You get off track, begin procrastinating and avoiding work that would lead you to your goal.
  • You get bored, and make excuses for your lack of commitment.
  • Your self-image and self-esteem go down.
  • You blame others or beat yourself up – your thinking becomes negative.
  • You become less motivated, perhaps depressed or immobilized.
  • You ditch the project or begin another more interesting one or just play around!


  • You set a clear goal, one that you really want to do, and one which you feel aligned to (comfortable with). Visualise this frequently.
  • You acquire the necessary skills/resources to do the task/s or get help.
  • Brainstorm different ways to reach your goal, be creative, develop an effective way of managing the project.
  • You deal with any mental barriers during the process; remove any risks/temptations to procrastinate.
  • You realistically set sub-goals and dead-lines for these and the end goal.
  • Expect that you will have to give up something to reach your goal – weigh the benefits and losses if any.
  • Commit to your goal and give yourself small rewards for sticking to deadlines or milestones.
  • Keep the end in mind and keep to your deadlines.
  • Recognise when and why you are getting off track early.
  • Be flexible and realistic, things don’t always go to plan, adjust your goal, give yourself time out and do fun things if your goal is a long term one


FOR SUCCESS: Take Immediate, Massive, Repeated, Relevant, Focussed and Persistent ACTION!


© Kathleen Crawford 2016